Introducing Jacksonville's Premier, Patient-Focused Orthopedic Practice

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Why Choose OrthoEdge?

Why choose OrthoEdge? We are patient focused.

After you’ve spent a lot of time carefully considering which physician or orthopedic surgeon is best for you, you expect to see that physician, right? Not the physician’s assistant. Not a registered nurse.  At OrthoEdge, every patient is seen personally by our expert physicians. We don’t use mid-levels and we won’t let you be just another number.

We use the latest and safest technology.

Whether it’s robotic-arm-assisted navigation systems, reverse shoulder replacements, or custom 3-D printed implants, we are continually training, learning and discovering new ways to provide the most advanced and comprehensive treatment options for our patients.

We treat most orthopedic conditions, and in all cases, our goal is to ensure a fast and full recovery with the least risk. We utilize the latest technologies in a safe and effective manner to restore our patients to active lifestyles.

We take the time to figure out if surgery is actually what you need.

Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “Don’t see a surgeon if you don’t want surgery.”  But there are plenty of health problems that aren’t easily solved by surgery. In the majority of cases, we will utilize non-surgical treatments such as lifestyle changes, weight loss, oral medications, injections and physical therapy, before considering or recommending surgery. In those instances where surgery is the slam-dunk solution, we’ll keep you fully informed about the benefits and risks of the procedure.

We are board-certified orthopedic specialists.

Why choose OrthoEdge? Would you get on a plane if the pilot wasn’t certified by the Federal Aviation Administration? Absolutely not. So don’t trust your care to physicians who aren’t certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery. Our physicians are board-certified orthopedic surgeons that maintain their certification through continuous, life-long learning and by demonstrating their expertise on a regular basis through oral and written examinations.

Why choose OrthoEdge? We operate at one of Florida’s leading hospitals for Joint Replacement.

We operate at Ascension St. Vincent’s Riverside, the first hospital in the region to be designated a Joint Commission Orthopedic Center of Excellence.  Collectively, we have provided nearly 60 years of surgical care there, and have taken leadership positions within the hospital, serving as head of the orthopedic department, chairing multiple healthcare foundation fundraisers, and participating in regular improvement initiatives pushing the organization to do better.

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