Conformis Implants Are Designed to Fit Your Unique Anatomy

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The goal of any knee replacement is for patients to return to their everyday activities without pain and with restored natural motion. Our aim is to get you moving freely and get you back to doing what you love.

How quickly you get back to feeling like you have a normal, natural knee depends on many factors, but the implant your surgeon selects for your joint replacement plays a large role.

People come in all shapes and sizes, and that’s equally true of your joints. Matching the correct medical implant size to the patient’s unique joint and bone structure is a critical part of successful joint replacement surgery.

This article will compare traditional off-the-shelf knee implants with Conformis custom knee implants.

Traditional Off-the-Shelf Implants

Most knee replacement systems come with a range of six to ten standard implant sizes. These implants are designed based on a set of predetermined measurements and the “closest fit” is selected at the time of surgery.

Because there is a high degree of anatomic variability among patients, and only a limited range of joint implant sizes, it’s rare that an off-the-shelf implant is a “perfect” fit. The surgeon may have to make compromises on fit, rotation and alignment in order to affix the implant to the knee.

Conformis Custom Implants

Now patients have a fully custom alternative to traditional knee implants. Conformis implants are the first and only truly patient-specific total knee replacement implant.

By combining advanced 3D imaging technology and proprietary software with the latest manufacturing capabilities, Conformis manufactures each and every implant based on each patient’s unique size and shape. 

Here’s how the process works: Using data from a CT scan of the patient’s knee, Conformis converts the scan to a 3D model, with algorithms correcting for any underlying arthritic deformity such as bone spurs, cysts, or flattening of the joint. (Think of this as recreating a model of your natural knee before any abnormalities set in.) A metal implant is then cast from a 3D-printed mold derived from this data.

Because the Conformis implant is designed specifically for you, the implant’s surfaces better match your joint’s natural shape and contours. The sizing and positioning compromises common with traditional implants are eliminated, which helps facilitate bone preservation. Conformis patients report that the pain and discomfort associated with post-operative recovery is also reduced.

Additional Considerations

OrthoEdge’s Dr. Richard Grimsley is currently the only surgeon in Jacksonville utilizing custom Conformis implants. Where appropriate, he will select the Conformis implant for those patients requiring a knee replacement. Candidates for this personalized knee implant include patients of any age whose conditions cannot be solely addressed by the use of an implant designed to treat only one or two of the three knee compartments. 

A recently published study concluded that Conformis knee replacement technology is more cost-effective than leading traditional, off-the-shelf implants and can expedite surgical time, although the design and production of the custom component can take up to six weeks. Additional published research, including a comparison of multiple knee implants, indicates that a customized total knee improves kinematic function, especially when climbing steps or squatting.

In sum, a better implant fit leads to less pain and a more natural feeling knee. Call OrthoEdge today to see what we can offer!



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