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Your Total Joint Care Plan

At OrthoEdge, joint replacement surgery is a joint endeavor. We take seriously our responsibility to help patients overcome their fears and concerns about the treatments we provide. We believe in a total joint care plan—an open dialogue, empathy, and a true partnership between doctor and patient is critical to achieving great patient care, faster recovery, and lasting results. More knowledge, less anxiety, and increased confidence for you and your family—that's the OrthoEdge difference.

  • Your First Visit

    You’ve been experiencing joint pain, perhaps for years, and you’ve had enough. You’re ready to find out more about its causes—and what you can do about it. When you visit a joint specialist for the first time, your doctor will perform a physical examination. He will move the joint that hurts to determine its range of motion, or how much it can move.  He will check for swelling and tender points.  He also will ask you about your general health and any…Read More

  • Treatment Options

    The effective treatment of arthritis starts without surgery. It begins with listening to your concerns, learning how the pain is affecting your life, and determining its root causes. Often, relatively simple and low-risk interventions can make a big difference. These include: Easing the load on your joint. Avoiding excess stress on your joints can help protect them. When lifting and carrying items, for example, let your bigger muscles and joints support the weight. Weight control also helps ease pain by reducing…Read More

  • Surgery

    If less-invasive treatment options are no longer effective for you, total joint replacement surgery can offer significant reductions in pain and clear gains in quality of life. Your physician will meet with you and your family or support network to ensure you understand every step of the surgical process, and are comfortable with your treatment plan.  You will receive extensive pre-operative preparation for surgery, including our “Prehab” class where patients learn about their particular orthopaedic surgery, the realities of recovery,…Read More

  • Post-Op Recovery

    Recovering from joint replacement surgery takes time. The post-operative phase focuses on helping you regain motion, strength, and function in your joint and body as a whole. Planning ahead and understanding the process is key to minimizing stress and optimizing your outcome. Your OrthoEdge surgeon expects you to be an equal partner in your recovery—this means making a commitment to follow directions, taking special precautions to avoid falls and injuries, and communicating with the physician and his staff if you feel…Read More

  • Your New Joint

    You’re feeling like yourself again. The key is to living well with your new joint is to stay active while avoiding things that place excessive stress on it. Recovery from a total joint replacement varies from person to person depending on their level of pain and activity prior to surgery. The first six months after surgery is considered the active recovery phase, so it’s important that you pace yourself and not try to take on too much too soon. However, if…Read More