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Cutting-Edge Care for Rotator Cuff Injuries

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Although rotator cuff injuries are distressingly common, surgeons traditionally have had few options for addressing them at earlier stages of degeneration. Typical rotator cuff repair procedures involve suturing tendon to bone, and are associated with long rehabilitation, significant lifestyle interruption and variable outcomes. Because rotator cuff tears can be very slow to heal, many people choose to forego surgery until pain is severe and range of motion is significantly impaired. However, there are downsides to delaying treatment: as rotator cuff disease progresses, it can become increasingly difficult to repair.

Fortunately, OrthoEdge surgeons have a leading-edge technology that can help speed rotator cuff recovery: the REGENETEN™ Bioinductive Implant.

REGENETEN is a new technology designed to improve the treatment of rotator cuff disease. The technology includes a collagen-based bioinductive implant about the size of a postage stamp. This implant is delivered arthroscopically through a small incision over the location of your rotator cuff tendon injury, and is secured in place with small staples.

After implantation, the highly porous implant stimulates the body’s natural healing response and facilitates the formation of a new layer of tendon-like tissue that biologically augments the existing tendon. This new tendon-like tissue reduces strain at the site of the tear, gradually increases tendon thickness and helps fill in existing defects. The bioinductive treatment slowly dissolves into your body’s tissues, strengthening the injured tendon and protecting it from further injury.

By using REGENETEN in combination with arthroscopy for partial-thickness tendon tears, OrthoEdge surgeons can help prevent your rotator cuff tear from becoming worse, and limit the need for more invasive surgeries. The technology can also be used in conjunction with traditional repair procedures to improve the tendon biology and decrease the chance of your rotator cuff tendon re-tearing. No matter where you are in the progression of rotator cuff disease, REGENETEN can provide a range of benefits including shorter rehabilitation, faster recovery, and improved quality of life.

If you have a rotator cuff tear and need surgery, ask for a consultation to see if a minimally invasive arthroscopy and REGENETEN treatment could be right for you.